Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Birds Must Fly

My beautiful daughter is graduating from high school in June, and then she'll head to college.  From among several wonderful options, she's narrowed her choices to two, which she will analyze with a pro-con list. Her wisdom astounds me, especially when I remember the way I made my college selection. At 18 years old I wouldn't have known a pro-con list if it hit me over the head, but years before I had set my sights on the University of California while visiting my Berkeley cousins at the heights of free speech, long hair, and bare feet. College was an acceptable way to simultaneously escape Pasadena and head to my own version of the promised land.

My friend, Virginia, has noticed how nostalgic I've become, given many wistful comments about the random kids we encounter on our walks. "Wow, I can't believe my kids were ever that small;" "That little boy with the soccer ball reminds me of Aidan;" "Oh, Brooks loved a Pippi Longstocking look when she was that age, too."

Yup, I have turned into that woman who can't believe how fast the time goes.

While visiting the Sonoma State campus a couple of weeks ago, I saw this nest and I couldn't pull myself away from it.
At the time I didn't know why I needed to take pictures but now it's clear. For so many years I have guarded my little birds with an instinct not unlike this little hummingbird's, who sat in the tree watching me, occasionally fluffing itself up to look menacing.

The tiny nest in the campus tree, now feels like my house in our town, from where my little birds will fly. That bird and I want to protect our babies, but we have no choice but to let them go.
What a relief to head to the sewing machine and put all that maternal angst into something warm and colorful.

All the bright colors will look great in her dorm room --  cozy and imperfect, to remind her of home.


  1. GORGEOUS. I love the quilt and your new blog!

  2. What a wonderful gift for Brooke! And of course, it's no surprise that walking, writing and sewing soothed your soul and produced such a meaningful part of your for your daughter. Brava!

  3. Beautiful quilt! It's so cheery and she will love it. What a great reminder of home to have in a dorm room.

  4. That is a very cheerful and beautiful quilt.
    I understand that nostalgia. It is oddly disorienting to become the parent of a college student. That always seemed to be in the far distant future, didn't it?

  5. Great Quilt! The colors are so cheerful and fun. I'm glad I found your blog

  6. A tisket a tasket I had a comment and I lost it. Not a good rhyme. No matter. Beautiful quilt. I was not very methodical in my decision making concerning college and yet my choice was perfect for me.

    The quilt is beautiful and I am sure she will treasure it. My mom made a quilt when I went to college, and I did not appreciate the effort enough at the time. However I still have the poor tattered thing and it has only grown in value.